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TLM Radio

Aug 30, 2019

Your not so secret fat loss weapon Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis but why is it so valuable? Let's find out!

Aug 28, 2019

You're awesome at what you do but there's many things that hold you and I back from being able to help more people and draw more people in to work with you.

Aug 21, 2019

Some people just go the extra distance to make a positive impact on peoples lives, never is that more important than when it's helping those in need. This weeks podcast is with our buddy Scott Britton who is one of the founders of fitness competition Battle Cancer, it's a good one!

Aug 16, 2019

Xendurance Training Camp -

In this weeks podcast we're joined by fellow Harry Potter fan, dad and one of the UK's Fittest men Will Kane. We're discussing training with a child and how to best focus your training if you are doing it

Aug 9, 2019

Let's go back, back to the start of our journey as personal trainers, authors and all the rest that came with our brand TheLeanMachines. What's next where do we go from here?